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Mashhad Washer Company specialized in producing all kinds of gaskets for motor cars, trucks and etc

In 1978, Mashhad Washer Company has started its work as the first manufacturer of gaskets for all kinds of motor cars, trucks and vans, agricultural and industrial machinery, and by using modern technology and advanced equipment of laboratory based on valid international standards could pass the initial steps of development in very short time, and by applying new and specialized methods of gasket manufacturing has become the largest gasket manufacturers in automotive industry and has presented its products to known domestic automakers and spare parts markets. Continuity of the fast growing of the company and having the most modern machinery and equipment products led its uniqueness in Middle East.

The company’s main products are cylinder-head gaskets, manifold, valve cover, carter, chain frame and etc. which are used in OHV, OHVG, XU7, TU3, TU5, EF7 motors and other related gaskets of motor cars, trucks, vans, agricultural machineries, industrial machineries and also all kinds of gaskets which used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The source of improvement is creativity and attention to the demands of customers.




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ISO 9001:2008
Holder of ISO 9001:2008 certificate
Holder of ISO9001:2008 certificate
Holder of SAPCO GRADE A certificate
واحد نمونه سال 80
Acknowledgement for best industrial unit of year
مسابقه ایدرو
Acknowledgement for IDRO 5S competition
سازنده برتر ساپکو
Trophy of superior producer of SAPCO
 صنعتگر نمونه سال 81
Trophy of the best industrialist of year
واشر سر سیلندر مگان (ال 90)
Head cylinder gasket of renault Megan-Logan
 منیفولد اگزوز تیبا
Exhaust manifold of TIBA
 محافظ حرارتی کامل XU7
Complete heat protector of XU7
کلیه سرسیلندرهای XU7
XU7 head cylinder gasket (standard ,first and second repair)
ست کامل XU7
Complete set of XU7
سرسیلندر فلزی OHVG
OHVG head cylinder gasket (Metal)
سرسیلند EF7
EF7 Head cylinder gasket
ست کامل EF7
Complete set of EF7
واشر سرسیلندر TU5
TU5 Head cylinder gasket
 واشر اگزوز فلزی TU5
Exhaust Gasket (metal) of TU3
گلویی اگزوز 206
 peugeot 206 flange gasket
اگزوز بغل فلزی 206
Peugeot 206 exhaust corner gasket
واشر سرسیلندر 206
Peugeot 206 head cylinder gasket (standard , first and second repair)


The 12th Auto Part International Fair

Tehran - Iran, 13-16 Nov.2017

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Factory: The First Square on the right most Industrial Estate Road, Asian Highway 18th Km, Mashhad, Iran
Central Office: No.28 Imam Reza 46 street, Mashhad, Iran

Factory Tell:           +98 51 35421592-4
Fax:                       +98 51 35421591
SMS:                      +98 3300 3000

Office Tell:                +98 51 38525775
                               +98 51 38548870
                               +98 51 38546763
Fax:                         +98 51 38527146